Taking charity digital to the next level

Tent makes it easy to support, connect and engage the people your charity works with.

Create engaging digital spaces for mobile and the web without spending a fortune.

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Give people the resources they need

Sharing content should be simple. Upload documents, videos and other files. Control visibility so that users only see content that is relevant to them.

Bring people together with events

Manage your events in one place. Set capacity, control who can sign-up and track attendance.

Make people feel at home

Your brand is your identity and something the people you work with connect with. Tent allows you to customise the look-and-feel of the platform to make it your own.

See how people are using the platform

Gain insights on which users are engaging with the platform in real-time.

Suggest a feature

We want Tent to solve real problems that charities and social enterprises face. If you have an idea for a feature we’d love you to use our suggestion box.


We’ve built Tent based on our first-hand experience of the sector we love.

Save money

Save money on software development

Every charity is unique, but the software you use doesn’t have to be. Tent gives you high-quality features for a transparent licence fee and no upfront development cost.


Provide a quality experience on any device

We think good software should work anywhere, so we’ve designed every Tent feature to work seamlessly on both mobile and the web.

Save time

Get started quickly and simply

Our guided setup process walks you through the things you need to do to create your first Tent platform in less than fifteen minutes.


Connect Tent with your existing systems

Tent is built with integration in mind so that you don’t have to worry about manually moving data from one platform to the other.