Build communities with a purpose

Powerful software to engage the people driving your mission. Unbelievably simple to use.

Bringing people together can make great things happen. But creating online communities can be complex and expensive. With tent you can quickly create intuitive digital communities for the people that matter, without spending a fortune on development.

Use cases

Engage your people

Create online communities for all of the people you work with and empower your mission.

  • Volunteers

    Improve - and track - volunteer engagement. Share useful resources. Promote collaboration and discussion.

  • Participants

    Provide programme content in one place. Facilitate events. Start conversations and gather feedback.

  • Partners

    Provide news and updates. Answer common questions. Share files and resources securely.

  • Donors

    Connect people passionate about your cause. Communicate your impact. Make additional, targeted asks.

Bring people together and increase engagement

Tent is built for creating mission-driven communities. With every feature designed for engaging the people you work with it gives you new ways of bringing people together and empowering your cause.

Save time and money on development

Good software doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Tent lets you create powerful online communities in minutes, saving you from having to go through a costly - and time-consuming - development process.

Provide an intuitive and tailored experience

You know the people you work with best. Tent gives you all the tools needed to customise your community for your users. Control the look-and-feel of the platform to match your brand and provide a quality user experience across any device.

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