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Tent is packed with features to help you create powerful and highly tailored communities with ease.

Off-the-shelf, customisable and flexible:
Assign your community members to groups to allow a more personalised experience. Restrict events, discussions, resources and opportunities to the relevant users.
Custom fields
Tailor user information to your organisation. Create custom fields for your community members that they can update, with the data syncing back to your existing system.
Tent provides a variety of invite options: Add specific users individually, bulk upload via your CRM or create a public registration process to reach new people.
What our customers say...
“Tent offered the combination of simplicity and practicality we were looking for. It’s easy to use but still offers a range of features to fit our needs. Compared to some other options we were considering it certainly stood out and is great value for money.”
Michaela Wood, Volunteer Experience Manager, The Access Project
Fully customisable branding
  • Change the platform name, URL, logo and colours to make it your own.
  • Make your users feel immediately at home in a familiar space.
  • Incredibly simple customisation in a matter of minutes.
Integrate Tent with your existing system
  • Save time and keep your data in sync.
  • Integration is simple, and can be carried out without technical expertise. Tent set-up assistance is included within the annual subscription.
  • Sync data back to your CRM when users fill in custom fields in Tent.
  • Tent integrates with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and 3,000 other CRMs .
Share and manage events
  • Set capacity, control who can sign-up and automate event reminders.
  • Record event attendance.
  • Email out events to eligible users.
  • Optionally allow community-created events.
Share resources
  • Upload documents, videos, photos and other files.
  • Community members can download files or view them within the platform.
  • Optionally allow community-created resources.
Dedicated discussion space
  • Spark conversations between your community members.
  • Use digests to email relevant discussions to members to increase engagement.
  • Reactions, emojis and images encourage informal discussions.
Share and manage opportunities
  • List opportunities - be they voluntary roles, internships, paid jobs or anything else - that your members can apply to
  • Advertise for fixed windows or on a rolling basis.
  • Optionally link to an external application site.
Connect your community
  • Allow users to search for and contact other community members.
  • Allow users to lookup groups, and to join any that have been set as open.
Flexible building blocks to meet your specific requirements
  • Enable and disable features at any time, as required.
  • All platform features are included for all Tent customers. Simply switch them on and off to suit your needs. .
Use analytics to track user engagement
  • Gain insights on usage and track user engagement in real-time.
  • Tailor content and timings according to what most engages your users.
What our customers say...
“In addition to the easy implementation and use of the platform, the team at Tent have been super supportive and great to work with, not just in the set up but with ongoing support and guidance too.”
Michaela Wood, Volunteer Experience Manager, The Access Project
Modern, fully responsive and mobile-ready:
Built-in support
Allow user queries to be submitted inside the platform. Control who they go to.
Mobile ready
Complete mobile optimisation. Use and manage your community across any device.
Easily control what users can do at a granular level to fit your needs.

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